In our household, when Jammie and I sit around the kitchen table to plan our family
budget, we don’t simply shut down our household when we can’t agree on an item or two. Additionally, we can’t run deficits as far as the eye can see. Even if we could get away with such irresponsible actions, we wouldn’t because it would saddle our kids with such staggering debt that will crush their futures.

The answer is making budgetary priorities and sticking to them. We can’t just keep going from crisis-to-crisis without a vision for where we want our nation to go. I’m committed to pursuing policies that help your family, your kids, and your future and giving you the ability to achieve success without unnecessary government regulation or influence.


I believe we should protect all innocent life. That’s why I’m committed being an outspoken advocate for adoption in the halls of Congress. I see a world where adoption rates surpass abortion rates because we made it a priority to put children into loving homes and give these children a better life.

Additionally, I will fight to end the modern-day slavery called human trafficking because all innocent lives are sacred.


As your congressman, protecting our nation will be my top priority. It starts by standing with our military, border security officers, firefighters and police officers.

I will make sure they all have the resources they need to be successful.

Additionally, I support Building the Wall and eliminating funding to sanctuary cities. The lawlessness that Too Tired Ed tolerates hurts our first responders, fighters on the front lines and Colorado families.

These actions will go a long way to ending human trafficking, stopping the free flow of drugs into our communities and keeping our families safe.


Mark Barrington supports an all-of-the-above energy plan. On the Federal level, Barrington supports opening Federal lands for exploration, completion of the Keystone Pipeline, exporting our energy abroad, and producing enough energy in the United States to end our dependence on foreign oil.


Mark Barrington supports pro-growth policies like the most recent round of tax cuts that get our economy growing. He also believes that government shouldn’t pick winners and losers and that the free market should decide whether a business or concept succeeds. Barrington opposes the oppressive overregulation from bureaucratic organizations like the EPA. In Congress, Mark Barrington will put more power back in the hands of job creators and workers and lessen the power of unelected bureaucrats and the Washington elite.


Mark Barrington envisions a significant reduction in gridlock in Washington and on our roads which means action is happening and time isn’t being wasted. Road and transportation infrastructure will be one of his top priorities in Washington. Paving and building roads shouldn’t be a left or right issue. He’ll focus on finding solutions that allow us to plan for population growth on our roads and gives us more time with our kids, our families, and our futures without raising taxes or increasing our outrageous Federal debt.