Right now in Washington, progress is plagued by the same old tired policies and partisan gridlock that has existed over the last decade.

In fact, that gridlock has found its way to our roads in JeffCo, Adams County and throughout Metro Denver.

Mark Barrington has the energy to fight through the partisan gridlock and shake loose common-sense solutions to long-standing problems like investments to roads and transportation.


Just last year, Too Tired Ed Perlmutter said he didn’t have the “fire in the belly” to represent the people of our community.

Now, he’s hoping you don’t notice that he’s once again doing the bidding of his Washington party bosses in an effort to keep the seat warm for their partisan interests.

Mark Barrington is running because he is driven to fight for Jefferson and Adams Counties.

For the last decade, Too Tired Ed Perlmutter has been asleep at the wheel.

Driven to make a difference for our kids, our families, and our future, Mark Barrington is committed to Waking Up Washington!


Right now in Congress, entrenched politicians are more committed to fighting for their party bosses than getting things done to help working class Americans.

Mark Barrington has the determination to cause movement on common-sense solutions to decades long problems like restoring fiscal sanity to our budget process. He’ll put common ground ahead of getting credit.

While Too Tired Ed opposed creating jobs and returning more money to the people of Jefferson and Adams counties, Mark Barrington is committed to